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4 months of healthy hair growth

At Hair of Nature, we are focused on providing  healthy hair services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


Back story:

I became a naturalista as I was expecting my first child and I wanted to do everything right to ensure she came out healthy and strong. Well in doing so I had a relapse of an alopecia areata hair loss or baldness due to stress in my case. I found myself looking for products gentle enough for my 6 month old as she pulled out all her hair and helping me regrow my bald spot. What was sad many of these name brand products cause my daughter hair to become dry and shed. It then became my mission to grow our hair back with healthy natural products. I spent hundreds of dollars in search of products that worked for both our hair and many failed. It wasn't many healthy hair care products that help with alopecia or balding and very few products that where PLANT BASE to use on my daughter hair so I began making my own.Hair of Nature are great HEALTHY HAIR product where every ingredient is from high quality plant base herbs, oils and butters to give your hair all the minerals needed to grow stronger, longer and healthier hair that the WHOLE family can enjoy


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*above is Miss Kimora of Hair of Nature Kidz showing her hair growth she has eczema in her scalp and her hair would shed and have growth stunts. 10 month use.


*YouTube review from tycrable follow her for great product reviews and hair care tips!